Diabel Cissoko & Ramon Goose – Mansana Blues

12,00 8,47


Ramon Goose, well-known for his work with experimental/alternative group Nublues and the production of Boo Boo Davis's latest efforts, spices up the new recordings of Senegalese singer/kora player Diabel Cissokho with superlative blues guitar lines. A daring, seamless album that combines two musical idioms organically, Mansana Blues is both fresh and seminal. The poignant conversations between Diabel's kora and Ramon's slide guitar are truly exhilarating.

Track Listing:
1. Mansana Blues - 6:49   2. Yeurmande - 5:16   3. Dioungo - 5:29   4. Lampfall - 3:54   5. Totoumo - 6:03   6. Talibe - 5:17   7. Abaraka - 4:03   8. Wherever I Go - 5:08   9. Kouma - 3:46   10. Papa - 2:59   11. Deep Blue Sea - 4:08

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