John Tesh – Garden City

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Track Listing:
1. Garden City - 4:04   2. Shock - 1:20   3. Elektrik Thom - 4:56   4. Bastille Day - 4:11   5. You Break It 4:42   6. The Black Hole - 5:55   7. Waltz for Julie 5:19   8. Destination Paris - 4:41  9. Bastille Day (Reprise) - 1:33


1. AllMusic - Jonathan Widran
This disc boasts some very exciting melodic and innovative synth textures, a mix of what Tesh calls "Porsche music" (like the energetic best tracks "Shock" and "The Black Hole") and more introspective moody numbers like "Bastille Day." Other highlights on a very interesting follow-up to Tour de France are the orchestral flavorings of "Waltz for Julie," Tim Landers' bass, and Tom Scott's passionate guest solo on the one vocal track, "You Break It." Garden City is one of a huge catalog of Tesh music, and anyone open-minded enough will find it fairly engaging.