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You will hear during Twist -A- Rama Atomicat 01 (ACCD075) twenty-eight enjoyable twisting songs for those who enjoy dancing and losing their cares. Competing for the crown of King or Queen of the Twist are both known and unknown artists. The invitation to begin gyrating up and down and swivelling the hips followed by a turnaround spin is throughout the album and the following artists all have that twisting sensation in their songs.

Track Listing:
1. Jack Hammer: Kissin' Twist -   2. Herbert Hunter: Twist It Up -   3. Jo Ann Campbell: Let Me Do My Twist -   4. King Curtis Combo: The Peppermint Twist -   5. Les Cooper and The Soul Rockers: Twistin' (One More Time) -   6. Chuck Berry: I'm Talking About You -   7. The Champs: Tequila Twist -   8. Johnny Hallyday: Laissez-nous twister (Twisting The Night Away) -   9. Hank Ballard and The Midnighters: The Twist -   10. Royal Teens: Short Short Twist -   11. The Latins: Habibi Twist -   12. Robby Robber and The Hi-Jackers: Swinging Papa Twist -   13. Linda Hopkins: Mama's Doin' The Twist -   14. U.S. Bonds: New Orleans -   15. Johnny Keaton: Twistin' USA -   16. Ronnie and The Hi-Lites: Twistin' And Kissin' -   17. Kay Armen: I Wanna Twist -   18. Grady Martin: Twist And Turn -   19. Yvonne Carré: Geisha Twist -   20. Ted Jarrett: (Let's Twist) Slow And Easy -   21. Muddy Waters: Muddy Waters Twist -   22. Chubby Checker and Bobby Rydell: My Baby Cares For Me -   23. King Curtis Combo: The Arthur Murray Twist -   24. Clay Cole: Twist Around The Clock -   25. Louis Prima with Sam Butera and The Witnesses: Twist All Night -   26. Johnnie Morisette: Meet Me At The Twistin' Place -   27. Brice Coefield: Cha Cha Twist -   28. The Tornadoes (vocal) Kay Charles: Tornado Twist -

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