Various – The Roots Of The Narcocorrido

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Een verzameling 'historische' opnames over de diverse aspecten van de smokkelhandel en niet alleen van drugs-. 150 jaar wel en wee aan de rand van de maatschappij, omgezet in liedjes.

This collection of rare, historic recordings of corridos about various aspects of smuggling (not only of drugs), attempts to place the phenomenon of the currently widely popular narcocorrido in its historical and cultural contexts. By presenting these ballads from the past 150 years, it is our hope that we can promote a more informed understanding of how an activity so harmful has come to play such a compelling role in the popular imagination. Edited and Annotated by Prof. James Nicolopulos.

Track Listing:
1. El Corrido de Heraclio Bernal (The Ballad of Heraclio Bernal) - Duerto Adán / Eva Duerto / Mariachi Guadalajara - 3:12   2. Mariano Reséndez - Timoteo Cantu / Jesus Maya - 3:19   3. Nieves Hernández - Los Satelites - 3:09   4. Corrido de Mier (Ballad of Mier) - Peña / Tijerina - 3:01   5. Los Tequileros (The Tequileros) - Timoteo Cantu / Jesus Maya - 2:54   6. Contrabando de El Paso, Pt. 1 (Contraband of El Paso, Pt. 1) - Luis Hernández / Leonardo Sifuentes - 2:49   7. Contrabando de El Paso, Pt. 2 (Contraband of El Paso, Pt. 2) - Luis Hernández / Leonardo Sifuentes - 2:54   8. La Cocaína (Cocaine) - Pilar Arcos - 3:20   9. La Marihuana (Marijuana) - Trío Garnica Ascencio - 3:11   10. Corrido de Juan Gacía (The Ballad of Juan García) - Los Pingüinos del Norte - 2:53   11. Garcia y Zamarripa - Hermanos Chavarria - 3:19   12. Los Pateros (The River Bandits) - Los Alegres de Terán - 2:35   13. Corrido del Hampa, Pt. 1 (Ballad of the Underworld, Pt. 2 - Flores & Durán - 2:48   14. Corrido del Hampa, Pt. 2 (Ballad of the Underworld, Pt. 2) - Flores & Durán - 2:48   15. La Canela (Ballad of the Cinnamon) Los Alegres de Terán - 3:18   16. Por Morfina y Cocaína, Pt. 1 (Because of Morphine & Cocaine, Pt. 1) - Juan Gonzalez / Manuel C. Valdez - 3:03   17. Por Morfina y Cocaína, Pt. 2 (Because of Morphine & Cocaine, Pt. 2) - Juan Gonzalez / Manuel C. Valdez - 3:01   18. El Contrabandista, Pt. 1 (The Contraband Trafficker, Pt. 1) - Frank Cantu / Juan Gaytán - 3:02   19. El Contrabandista, Pt. 2 (The Contraband Trafficker, Pt. 2) - Frank Cantu / Juan Gaytán - 3:04   20. Carga Blanca (White Cargo) - Cuatezones - 3:03   21. El Profugo (The Fugitive, Marijuana) - Frank Cantu / Juan Gaytán - 2:57   22. Corrido de Juan Meneses (The Ballad of Juan Meneses) - Jimmy Morgan's Conjunto / Hermanas Guerrero - 2:29   23. Francisco Martínez - Juan Gaytán / Felix Solis - 2:47   24. Tragedia de los Cargadores (Tragedy of the Drug Couriers) - Frank Cantu / Topo Chico - 2:41   25. La Cadena (The Chain Gang) - Cuatezones - 2:45   26. El Rey de Pipa Roja (The King of the Road 18-Wheel Tanker) - Monteños - 3:21


1. Songlines Magazine - Elijah Wald 
“Mexican narcocorridos, or drug ballads, are among the best-selling vernacular pop songs from California to Colombia, spread by superstar groups such as Los Tigres del Norte.  This CD explores the roots of the genre, and showcases an impressively varied range of both music and subject matter…This is a fine collection of classic border music, and an ideal introduction to one of the world’s most intriguing roots-pop styles.”

2. AllMusic - Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr.
While it might seem a bit disconcerting to the average law-abiding citizen of the United States, narcocorrido has celebrated everything from the smuggling of contraband to drugs from south of the border. The Roots of the Narcocorrido offers a background, in essence, a way to understand why one culture might exalt what another condemns. "El Corrido de Heraclio Bernal" tells the story of one outlaw (Heraclio Bernal) who resisted the Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz and pilfered foreign mining interests in Sinaloa. Unlike a common robber, Bernal became a Robin Hood figure. In this way, the Mexican bandit hero isn't really any different than Woody Guthrie's "Pretty Boy Floyd" or the popularization of outlaws like Bonnie & Clyde in the U.S. during the Depression. Other figures raised to folk hero status in the narcocorrido included "Mariano Reséndez," another social revolutionary who smuggled goods across the U.S. border. A connection between these figures and future drug smugglers would be made during the late teens and the 1920s thanks to American prohibition. "Los Tequileros" tells the story of how one group of heroic smugglers was cut down by an ambush in Texas. The intercultural conflict between the U.S and Mexico, in fact, made it easy to see these figures -- even outside of a revolutionary context -- as heroic for struggling against a superior power. From here, it was only a small step toward ballads like "The Fugitive, Marijuana," revealing the highs and lows of the drug smuggling life. As always, Arhoolie has put together a solid package, including informative liner notes. The Roots of the Narcocorrido offers a nice backdrop for understanding the drug smuggler as folk hero, but it's also an enjoyable collection of music.