Various – More Boss Black Rockers 9: Hey Doll Baby



As y'all already know, so many similar projects were devoted through the years to white rock and rollers (even the most obscure and unknown) and very little to the people that not only "originated" this music and played it long before white musicians started to fool around with it. They also continued to play it when black Rhythm and Blues music was suddenly re-named "Rock and Roll" to appeal to a wider white audience in segregated America and became a multi-racial genre in the mid-1950s. Once again, some of these tunes are pretty well-known, but the vast majority are not.

Track Listing:
K.C. Mojo Watson: 1. Love Blood Hound -   The Cues: 2. Why -   Huey "Piano" Smith: 3. Little Chickie Wah Wah -   The Dynamics: 4. Misery -   Walt Reo & The Bishops: 5. Twist With Maty Lou -   Freddie Hall: 6. Can't This Be Mine -   Big Joe Turner: 7. I Need A Girl -   Billy Tate: 8. Right From Wrong -   Esquerita: 9. Laid Off -   Eddie Daniels: 10. Playin' Hide Go Seek -   The Clovers: 11. Hey Doll Baby -   Little Willie Egans: 12. You Must Be Foolin' -   Travis Ricks: 13. No Need To Cry -   Jackie Wilson: 14. Come Back To Me -   Fats Domino: 15. Little Mary -   The Duals: 16. Lovers Satelite -   The Hollywood Flames: 17. Much Too Much -   Doug Fowlkes and The Airdales: 18. Bony Moroney -   The Vibrations: 19. Love Me Like You Should -   The Ensenators: 20. I Had A Little Too Much -   Pork Chops: 21. I Wanna See My Lovin' Baby -   Mel Williams: 22. I Got Eyes -   Little Joe & The Thrillers: 23. Let's Do The Slop -   Guitar Jnr.: 24. The Hoss -   Don And Dewey: 25. Jungle Hop -   Sonny Anderson: 26. Yes I'm Gonna Love You -   Odessa Harris: 27. A Rockin' Good Way -   Jay Nelson And His Jumpers: 28. Raise Some San -