Tommy Johnson – Complete Recordings In Chronological Order – 1928-1929


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Austria-based Wolf Records has done a masterful job on this 12-song collection (missing only two of Johnson's works, which have never turned up), much of it surprisingly clean and crisp. Most of the best sounding material here has already appeared on RCA/BMG's "Canned Heat Blues" compilation, which seems to be headed out of print at this writing. "Cool Drink of Water Blues" and "Canned Heat Blues" are by far the best known of Johnson's works, but they've got a lot of worthy pieces surrounding them. "Big Road Blues" is a fine showcase for Johnson's and Charlie McCoy's paired guitars, playing two complex, interwoven figures. And "Bye Bye Blues" and "Maggie Campbell Blues" show off his unique vocal qualities, not the dark heaviness typical of bluesmen at the time, but a more flexible, lighter-toned, more relaxed instrument that, coupled with his and McCoy's guitars, made his music as "busy" as it was beautiful. The songs featuring only Johnson's guitar are no less intriguing, if only for his ability to get a lot of sound from some surprisingly simple strumming and picking. The later songs, "I Wonder to Myself," "Slidin' Delta," "Lonesome Home Blues," and "Black Mare Blues," leave something to be desired in terms of sound, but at least they're represented here.

Track Listing:
1. Cool Drink Of Water Blues - 3:33   2. Big Road Blues - 3:19   3. Bye-Bye Blues - 3:07   4. Maggie Campbell Blues - 3:34   5. Canned Heat Blues - 3:37   6. Lonesome Home Blues - 3:21   7. Lonesome Home Blues - 3:16   8. Big Fat Mama Blues - 3:12   9. I Want Someone To Love Me - 3:29   10. I Want Someone To Love Me - 3:29   11. I Wonder To Myself - 3:02   12. Slidin' Delta - 3:02   13. Lonesome Home Blues- 3:09   14. Untitled Song (Morning Prayer Blues) - 3:18   15. Untitled Song (Boogaloosa Woman) - 3:09 16. Black Mare Blues - 3:29   16. Black Mare Blues - 3:16   17. Ridin' Horse - 3:22   18. Alcohol And Jake Blues - 3:19

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