Harry Manx & Kevin Breit – Jubilee

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Track Listing:
1. Diving Duck Blues - 4:00   2. When Abbott Met Costello - 1:29   3. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues - 4:27   4. No Particular Place To Be / Itchy Knees And Elbows - 3:32   5. Take This Hammer - 3:43   6. Curly Ray And His Brother - 1:55   7. Funny Business - 3:57   8. Raga Gujari-Todi - 1:26   9. Unmoved By Love - 4:20   10. Taking It To The Streets - 4:34   11. Weary And You Run - 7:18   12. Tell Me About The Blues Highway, Grampa - 3:25   13. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - 4:09   14. Lastly Tender - 2:39

Track Listing:
Harry Manx (banjo, bass, harmonica, mohan vina, guitars, shaker, tamboura, vocals) , Kevin Breit (banjolin, bass, bass pedals, cavaquinho, guitard , guitorgan, loops, mandocello, mandola, mandolin)


1. Music
Varied sound, very satisfying!
By applewood on Jan. 18 2004
This is the third CD available from Manx, and it is a bit different from the others in that he is playing as a duo with fellow Canadian guitarist Kevin Breit. The resulting sound is more full and eclectic. Instead of sultry raga blues we have a more American flavoured blues jazz folk sound. The two met in 2001 at the Summerfolk festival in Ontario and played a killer set sight unseen. They teamed up again in 2002 for this live in studio recording, again without rehearsals or planning. The results are outstanding! Their opposite styles (cool and spunky) compliment beautifully. Manx plays mostly acoustic instruments; slide guitar, Mohan Veena, National Steel guitar, harmonica and banjo as well as his warm vocals, while Kevin plays an assortment of electric and acoustic instruments; guitars and bass, resonator guitar, banjo, mandocello, banjolin, mandolin, mandola, organ, bass pedals, get the picture!
The song selection is a nice mix of originals and covers (Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues is a pleasant surprise). Production and packaging is excellent as well. I love the informative and beautifully done liner notes, clearly a labor of love.
This CD has grown on me (while Manx's other recordings were instant hits with me), and I like the variety and accessibilty. Thanks guys for sharing the magic!

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