Archie Edwards – The Toronto Sessions

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The long-awaited Archie Edwards CD, The Toronto Sessions, is finally out and shipping. NorthernBlues is really proud of this CD - it's our most extensive production yet. The CD comes with a 28-page booklet that contains a biography of Archie Edwards, Commentary by Archie on his music, complete song lyrics, and additional commentary on each song. In addition, we've added lots of pictures, and a note from myself on the CD. Barry Lee Pearson from the University of Maryland wrote the liner notes, and Juno-award-winning designer, Michael Wrycraft, did the CD design. The front-cover picture of Archie is bound to get lots of peopel reaching for this CD! But, besides the super package, the best part is the sound quality! Archie sounds like he is playing right next to you - it's really amazing!

Track Listing:
1. I Had a Little Girl - 3:38   2. .One Thin Dime Blues - 4:01   3. I'm Down Today - 4:20   4. Sitting on Top of the World - 2:54   5. That Won't Do - 3:54   6. Greyhound Bus Blues - 3:58   7. I Called My Baby Long Distance - 3:52   8. Take Me Back Baby - 3:51   9. Easy Rider - 3:44   10. How Long Blues - 3:55   11. Pittsburgh Blues - 3:22   12. Poor Me 3:29   13. Meet Me in the Bottom - 4:12 

Archie Edward (vocals, guitar)


1. AllMusic - Al Campbell
Blues guitarist Archie Edwards was 68 years old in 1986 when he recorded these sessions in Toronto. Its release 15 years later was cause for blues fans' joy and sorrow. Thought it was great to finally have available, it's unfortunate that Edwards wasn't recorded more often; his natural approach to the blues is timeless. While too many blues releases at the beginning of the 21st century prefer to mask the guts and soul of the performance with glossy over-production, the spirit of Edwards' heroes, Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Lemon Jefferson, come shining through. Highlights include Edwards' reworking of "Sitting on Top of the World," "How Long Blues," "Meet Me in the Bottom," and "Poor Me." According to the informative liner notes by Barry Lee Pearson, enough material was recorded in Toronto to warrant a second disc.