The Lucky 13 Band – The Real Deal


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Early on, this band developed a unique sound and style. Rather than working on a lot of covers, the band focused on writing and recording original material or re-working rock and blues standards. Produced by Jim Gaines, engineered by Mike Talanca at Tune Town Recording in Newton Falls, OH and mastered by Brad Blackwood at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN, "The Real Deal" hammers home a drivin' blues-rock core with some classic rock underpinnings. The guitar is strong and the rockin' is non-stop. There's also a pleasant surprise to be enjoyed when you discover a fourth (bonus) track. "Short, but sweet" sums it up. A great value for the bucks!

Track Listing:
1. The B Song - 3:09   2. Damn Leather Jacket - 4:00   3. Funeral In The Rain - 4:39   4. Funeral In The Rain - Long Version - 5:45

Ian Ross (guitar, vocals) , Nathan Salladay (bass, backing vocals) , Ryan Flinn (guitar) , Drew Belden (drums)