The Kokomo Kings – A Driver-By Love Affair


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The 4th record from this amazing Rockin Blues outfit from Sweden/Denmark. Again, all songs are originally written by bass player Magnus. Delicious artwork by Henrique San. Our highlights are "Buckle Up" and "Jump Like A Chicken" both dancefloor fillers! The swedish-danish band The Kokomo Kings has gained a reputation of playing an uncompromising brew on a variety of low down rocking roots music, grounded deep in the blues. They have been described as being ”more rock’n’roll than rock’n’roll” and having ”energy level 11”. In 2018 The Ameripolitan Music Awards in Memphis nominated the band for the best rockabilly band-award, and the same year they won the ”Band of the Year”-award from the Blues Lounge Radio Show in the U.K. These four lovely guys really deserve some more attention.

Track Listing:
1. The Wonder Man -   2. Buckle Up! -   3. No Dinner Tonight -   4. She´s Shaking Up a Storm -   5. A Million Stars -   6. Gotta Get it Off the Hook -   7. A Drive-By Love Affair -   8. Turning Wine into Water -   9. Too Late to Grow Up -   10. Jump Like a Chicken -   11. The Smile of a Shark -   12. Drinking Fire and Eating the Ash

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