The Kokomo Kings – Fighting Fire With Gasoline


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The Swedish-Danish quartet has built up a very large and steadily growing fan base within a very short time. Already with "Artificial Natural" and "Too Good To Stay Away From" the musicians were enthusiastic, and even though the charismatic founding member HARMONICA SAM doesn't belong to the permanent line-up anymore, the band still literally tears down every hut at their regular shows all over Europe.

Therefore the success formula - namely a perfectly rounded, groovy mix of Low Down Boogie, Rock'n'Roll and Blues in the 30's vintage sound - is only slightly varied on "Fighting Fire With Gasoline". The album title aptly describes the effect of the twelve new Scandinavian songs, all written and produced by bassist MAGNUS LANGHAMMAR.

The KOKOMO KINGS are young, sexy, hip and urban blues, mixing traditional genre storytelling with contemporary irony. In 2018 they were named "Band of the year" by the British radio show "Blues Lounge" on Bradley Stoke Radio, while in the same year they were nominated as "best rockabilly band" at the Ameripolitan Music Awards.  Guitarist RONNI BUSACK-BOYSEN was named "Danish Blues artist of the year" in 2013. The KOKOMO KINGS free the blues from belly, beard and glasses.

Track Listing:
1. The More I Get , The More I Want -   2. I Thought I Was A Patient Man -   3. The Rich Man's Pocket -   4. Tornadohead -   5. Tied To The Tracks -   6. The Fish Won't Bite -   7. Heatwave -   8. Fooled By The City Lights -   9. A Big Pile Of Fish -   10. If I Was An Alien -   11. It Ain't My House -   12. Fighting Fire With Gasoline - 

Martin Abrahamsson (vocals, guitar) , Magnus Lanshammar (bass, guitar) , Ronni Auaar Boysen (guitar, maracas) , Daniel Winerö (drums)