The Griffin Brothers & Margie Day – Weepin And Cryin’: The Singles Collection 1950-55 – 2CD


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The Griffin Brothers, comprising Jimmy and Edward “Buddy” Griffin, were an R&B duo from Virginia, who formed a band in the post-war years to perform around Washington D.C., bringing in singer Margie Day and winning a recording contract with Randy Wood’s newly-established Dot label. They had a number of hits in the early ‘50s and became famous for their rocking R&B workouts which presaged the arrival of rock ‘n’ roll in the charts a few years later, by which time their primary career was over. This great-value 52-track 2-CD collection comprises the A and B sides of their singles on Dot, including recordings with featured vocalists Margie Day and Tommy Brown, plus releases by Buddy Griffin with Claudia Swann for Chess, and solo releases by Margie Day and Tommy Brown. It includes their and Margie Day’s US hits, with R&B No. 1 “Weepin’ And Cryin’” and their other Top 10 R&B hits, “Hoppin’”, “Street Walkin’ Daddy”, “Little Red Rooster”, “Tra-la-la” and “Pretty Baby”, along with many original compositions, plus versions of R&B and blues classics like Willie Dixon’s “Little Red Rooster”, Tampa Red’s “Pretty Baby” and the Chuck Willis hit “My Story”. It captures the essence of the R&B scene around this time, and is a fairly comprehensive overview of the Griffin Brothers’ primary career.

Track Listing:

Margie Day & Griffin Bros.: 1. Street Walkin' Daddy -   2. Riffin' With Griffin -   3. Little Red Rooster -   4. Blues All Alone - Griffin Brothers Orchestra: 5. Blues With A Beat -   6. Griff’s Boogie -   Margie Day With Griffin Brothers Orchestra: 7. Bonaparte’s Retreat -   Griffin Brothers Orchestra: 8. Hot Pepper -   Margie Day & Griffin Bros.: 9. Sadie Green -   10. One Steady Baby -   11. Your Best Friend -   12. If You Want Some Lovin' -   Tommy Brown: 13. House Near The Railroad Track -   14. Double Faced Deacon -   Griffin Brothers Orchestra: 15. Hoppin' -   16. Tra La La - Margie Day & Griffin Bros.: 17. Stubborn As A Mule -   18. Pretty Baby -   Griffin Brothers Orchestra: 19. Weepin' And Cryin' -   20. Shuffle Bug -   The Griffin Bros. feat. Margie Day: 21. I'll Get A Deal -   22. It'd Surprise You -   Griffin Brothers: 23. I've Got A New Love -   24. The Teaser -   The Griffin Bros. feat. Margie Day: 25. I'm Gonna Jump In The River - 26. Stormy Night -

The Griffin Brothers: 1. Comin' Home -   2. Stay Away From The Horses -   3. Ace In The Hole -   4. The Clock Song (Let Your Pendulum Swing) -   Griffin Brothers Orchestra: 5. I Wanna Go Back -   6. Slow And Mellow -   Margie Day: 7. Midnight -   8. My Story -   Griffin Brothers Orchestra: 9. Black Bread -   10. My Baby's Done Me Wrong -   Griffin Brothers: 11. Griff’s Mambo -   12. Fare Thee Well Pretty Girl -   Margie Day: 13. Gonna Raise A Rukus Tonight -   14. Must I -   The Griffin Brothers: 15. Move It On Over -   16. Bouncing Home -   Margie Day: 17. String Bean -   18. Don't Talk To Me About Men -   19. Don’t Leave Me -   20. The Price I Pay -   Buddy Griffin: 21. Fare Well Handsome Daddy -   22. Oh, What A Smile Can Do -   Buddy Griffin and Claudia Swann: 23. Please Come Back To Me -   24. I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya -   Buddy Griffin & His Orch.: 25. You Keep Me Guessin' -