Jimmy Joe’s Band – Maybe More Than One …

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An Italian rock-blues trio that's revealing itself as a real surprise! They show impeccable style on traditional songs and their own compositions, always remaining fresh and lively. The guitar is smooth and inspired, recalling Texan blues guitarists. Static moments are few during these 12 tracks of 12-Bar blues, and there's a clear indication of Jimmy Joe's knowledge of blues rock (praised by Bruce Iglaurer). Jimmy Joe (born in 1969) is a modest, quiet, almost shy character who turns into a sort of musical Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ... he's the demon of the blues. This band shows constant skill and creativity, together with convincing imagination and unquestionable musicality.

Track Listing:
1. That's The Way, Many Love Affairs Go - 5:38   2. The Thrill Is Gone - 5:47   3. I Ain't Got The Key, No More - 5:51   4. Mother In Law - 6:10   5. Steamroller Blues - 5:48   6. I Loved Another Woman - 5:56   7. Chasmatrans - 4:48   8. The Wind Cries Mary - 3:04   9. Wild Women - 3:04   10. Maybe More Than One - 4:55