Nappy Brown – Long Time Coming

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Nappy Brown is one of the great voices in American music. He makes a triumphant return with an album that swings with the same soulful authority that he exhibited on his hits of a half-century ago. Inspired by stellar backing from musicians including Sean Costello, Junior Watson, and Bob Margolin, specifically chosen for their ability to capture the sound and feel of American music in its heyday, Nappy brilliantly recreates his classic songs, including his signature tune, "Don't Be Angry," and "The Right Time," a song later associated with Ray Charles. Said Nappy, "This is the first time in 30 years I've had the chance to do my music with cats that understand it. This is the best record I have done since 1955!"

Track Listing:
1. Keep on Pleasin' You - 3:07   2. You Were a Long Time Coming - 4:13   3. Don't Be Angry - 2:25   4. Give Me Your Love - 4:49   5. That Man - 3:09   6. Right Time - 3:31   7. Who - 4:36   8. Cherry Red - 4:03   9. Aw Shucks, Baby - 3:00   10. Every Shut Eye Ain't Sleepin' - 5:44   11. Bye Bye Baby - 3:39   12. Take Care of Me - 4:27

Nappy Brown (vocals) , Mookie Brill (bass, harmonica on 2) , Big Joe Maher (drums) , Clark Stern (piano) , Sean Costello (guitar) , Junior Watson (guitar on 3,7,10) , Bob Margolin (guitar on 8) , Jim Pugh (B3 organ) , John Németh (harmonica on 6) , The Mighty Lester Horns: Joe Sunseri (baritone sax) , The Broke And Hungry Quartet (background vocals)

Track 9: Nappy Brown (vocal) , Kid Ramos (guitar) , Henry Gray (piano) , Johnny Rapp (guitar) , Mario Moreno (bass) , Chico Chism (drums) , Bob Corritore (harmonica)


1. AllMusic - Scott Yanow 
Nappy Brown is a survivor, an R&B pioneer from the mid-'50s who had hit records for Savoy before drifting away into obscurity after 1962. He made a short-lived comeback in the '80s and then was off records again for many years before recording Long Time Coming in May of 2007. Nappy Brown is still in prime voice throughout this spirited set. In addition to a variety of blues (including an acoustic "Cherry Red"), blues ballads, and some vintage R&B, he is quite effective singing soul (which he predated) on "Give Me Your Love" and a gospel piece, "Take Care of Me." With the fiery playing of guitarist Sean Costello egging him on along with the drive of the other sidemen, Nappy Brown is heard throughout at the top of his game. He certainly does not sound 78.

2. Living Blues
"At age 77, Nappy Brown is singing better than ever. In fact, he's singing better than just about any other bluesman currently recording."

3. Blues Revue
"Hearing Nappy Brown reprise his trademark rolling L's on "Don't Be Angry" makes Long Time Coming a welcome return for the blues shouter and offers a contemporary spin on a vintage sound. At age 78 and after a decade away from recording, he still has power in his pipes as well as plenty of personality."

4. The Washington Post
"Nappy Brown's talent and charisma just won't fade away. Making a welcome return to recording, the 78-year-old blues and R&B pioneer sounds as irrepressible as ever on Long Time Coming."

5. Boston Herald
"A mere 52 years since he hit with "Don't Be Angry," R&B pioneer Brown proves a miraculously ageless soul swinger. He's still in his earthy, jubilant prime at 78."

6. Pittsburgh Post Gazette
"Long Time Coming is a tribute to Nappy Brown's talent and persistence, but it's also a tribute to a classic American music that's just as insistently potent and listenable as it was 50 years ago."


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