Snooky Pryor / Mel Brown – Mojo Ramble


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 Live in Concert with Mel Brown and the Homewreckers

Track Listing:
1. Dirty Rat - 7:42 2. Shake My Hand - 6:47 3. Come On Down To My House - 9:12 4. It Hurts Me Too - 7:34 5. I Learnt My Lesson Well - 7:58 6. Let Your Hair Down, Woman - 9:16 7. Headed South - 7:45 8. Where Did You Learn To Shake It Like That - 8:11

Snooky Pryor (vocals, harmonica) , Mel Brown (guitar) , John Lee (piano, organ) , Leo Valvassori (bass) , Jim Boudreau (drums)


1. Blues Harmonica Master - A. James Santella - October 7, 2005
Live in concert at Blues On The Eastside, L'l Big Horn Saloon in Cambridge, Ontario (Canada), Snooky Pryor gives his audience a taste of the fire that has developed his career along with the Chicago Blues sound. The harmonica master and his band are some 500 miles away from Chicago for this night out. They've brought the right attitude from home, though, as Pryor sings about the kinds of blues that take hold from time to time. He was 80 when this performance was recorded in late 2001. Few can ignite a room the way Pryor does, and it all comes from his experiences as a veteran bluesman. Since 1940, he's turned on Chicago audiences with his special kind of blues magic.
Guitarist Mel Brown and Pryor's trio, the Homewreckers, surround his sparkling vocals and exotic harp with a welcome flame. Organist John Lee gives the session a soulful drenching. Pryor sings "It Hurts Me Too," "Shake My Hand," and several original songs. His mojo convinces. Brown, too, offers conversant guitar interplay that lets his audience share in the fun.
The live album takes you in for a closer look at the artist. The recording includes vocal asides and warm-ups that provide insight. When Pryor sings about the wind blowin' all his blues away, you know it's a tried and true formula that works for everyone all the time.


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