Electric Flag – Live In California: 1967-1968 – 2CD


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The Electric Flag was one of the premiere rock bands of the 60s, with a line-up of legendary musicians. 

Two fantastic live shows from The Electric Flag at the peak of their career
The first was performed at the famed Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA in September 1967, just one week after their gig at Fillmore West opening for Cream
The second was recorded at the equally legendary Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA in May 1968 and features the original band lineup: Mike Bloomfield, Nick Gravenites, Buddy Miles, Barry Goldberg, Harvey Brooks, Herbie Rich, Doubleday and Peter Strazza.
The Electric Flag was one of the premiere rock bands of the 1960's. Organized by Mike Bloomfield, who had just left the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, the band featured such notable talent as Buddy Miles, Elvin Bishop, Nick Gravenites and Barry Goldberg. The Flag was the first band to feature a full horn section in support of its searing blues and jazz based rock originals. 

The Electric Flag astounded both critics and the public, both of which proclaimed the band as the world's greatest. And they were, indeed! No one ever came close to their combination of brilliant musicianship and hard blues based commercial music. Sadly, egos prevailed and the group broke up after only two years of performing and recording. Their albums are still selling today and are regarded as essential albums for any rock library.

Track Listing:

1. Spotlight - 3:43   2. I Was Robbed Last Night - 4:39   3. I Found Out - 3:07   4. Never Be Lonely Again - 3:32   5. Losing Game - 3:17   6. My Baby Wants To Test Me - 8:16   7. I Should Have Left Her - 4:08   8. You Don’t Realize - 5:10   9. Groovin’ Is Easy - 4:21   10. Soul Searchin’ - 10:28   11. Milk Cow Blues - 5:50   12. I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water - 7:59   13. Groovin’ Is Easy - 4:28

1. Introduction - 0:36   2. Instrumental - 5:36   3. Texas - 5:50   4. Hey Joe - 5:43   5. It Takes Time - 6:58   6. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long - 9:07   7. Another Country - 2:03   8. Ain’t No Doctor - 3:30   9. Don’t Lie to Me - 8:21   10. Soul Searchin’ - 9:16

Mike Bloomfield (guitars) , Nick Gravenites (vocals, guitar) , Elvin Bishop (guitar) , , Herbie Rich (baritone sax, keyboards) , Marcus Doubleday (trumpet) , Peter Strazza (saxophone) , Harvey Brooks (bass) , Barry Goldberg (piano, organ) ,Buddy Miles (vocals, drums)


1. The Journal of Roots Music No Depression - Jeff Burger - April 27, 2018 --
A Sterling Concert Collection from the Electric Flag
The Electric Flag didn't fly for long: not counting a film soundtrack for ''The Trip'', they issued only one studio album with their original members, 1968's A Long Time Comin'. But the group which made its first public appearance at the deservedly legendary Monterey International Pop Festival made a big mark in a short time with an inventive combination of blues, soul, and rock. One of the first rock bands to employ a full horn section, they were largely the brainchild of virtuoso guitarist Mike Bloomfield, who had recently left the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Among the other members was the then-19-year-old drummer and vocalist Buddy Miles, who would go on to join Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsies.
Bloomfield, who died in 1981, played on Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, and as Dylan later commented, ''He could outplay anybody...I mean, he was the best guitar player I ever heard on any level.'' You may well share Dylan's assessment after listening to the two-disc Live in California 1967 1968, which offers two hours' worth of frequently stunning performances. Most of the first CD comes from Hollywood's Whiskey a Go-Go in September 1967; that disc's final three tracks and all of the second CD preserve a May 18, 1968 gig at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco.
The program includes several songs drawn from A Long Time Comin' ''You Don t Realize,'' ''Texas,'' ''Another Country,'' and two versions of ''Groovin' Is Easy'' plus soulful readings of B.B. King's ''I d Rather Drink Muddy Water'' and Otis Redding's ''I've Been Lovin' You Too Long.'' Other highlights include a version of the often-covered rock standard ''Hey, Joe,'' with a great lead vocal by Miles, and two long, jazzy versions of the horn-spiced ''Soul Searchin'.''
The entire band really cooks throughout, but on virtually every number, it is Bloomfield's guitar work that steals the show. Dylan had it right: that guy could play.

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