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Two-time Grammy nominated artist and American blues legend John Primer was bandleader and guitarist for Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Magic Slim & The Teardrops. He has played or recorded with a "Who's Who" of blues greats including Junior Wells, Gary Clark Jr, Derek Trucks, Johnny Winter, The Rolling Stones and Buddy Guy to name a few. John Primer's personal awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award, reflect his countless contributions to the history of Chicago blues. There are very few fans, critics or musicians who deny the fact that John Primer is the real deal.

The recording of John Primer & The Teardrops Tribute to Magic Slim is a labor of love. We want to bring Magic Slim back into focus and illuminate what they accomplished together. John wants the younger generation to hear Magic Slim & The Teardrops and realize where the music came from. Magic Slim was a giant in the world of blues! John Primer was given the opportunity to stand on his shoulders and carry the blues forward. This tribute is a gift to Magic Slim for all he did for John and the Teardrops! We hope everyone will research Magic Slim & The Teardrops, give them the respect they deserve, and enjoy the music they made together!

Track Listing:
1. Mama Talk To Your Daughter – 5:03   2. Luv Sumbody – 6:29   3. Every Night, Every Day – 6:35   4. Ain’t Doing Too Bad – 5:58   5. Buddy Buddy Friend – 6:10   6. Trouble Of My Own – 6:17   7. Let Me Love You Baby – 5:51   8. It Hurts Me Too – 6:29   9. Look Over Yonder Wall – 4:59   10. The Things I Used To Do – 6:17   11. Before You Accuse Me – 5:02   12. The Blues Is Alright – 5:36

John Primer (vocals, guitar) , Shawn Holt (vocals & guitar on 7,8) , Jon McDonald (2nd guitar) , Danny O’Connor (bass) , Earl Howell / Lenny Media (drums)

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