Jesus Volt – Hallelujah Motherfuckers!

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Jesus Volt are a band with a contemporary electronic crossbreed sound, which has a rich foundation based on the Blues of the 40s and 50s, the Rock and Roll era, and 70’sFunk - while keeping their ears open wide to the new sounds of the 21st century. After 10 years on the road, Jesus Volt is finally unleashing its live power on album !

Track Listing:
1. Black Bone Dust   2. I Won't Get Down   3. Only The Devil   4. Mannish Boy   5. Hometown Blues   6. Jig Up And Down   7. Jungle Blues   8. Up In Flames   9. John The Revelator   10. Creeping Kingsnake   11. Conservative Jackass Blues   12. The Cornbread

Lord Tracy (vocals) , El Tao (guitar, vocals) , Mr O. (bass) , Magic Doudous (drums)

Recorded Live at the Estrado, Harderwijk, Holland (March 2008)

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