Ides Of May – Feed Back

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All but three on this disc are original blues tunes, with a foundation of guitars, bass and drums. There is an organ present and a bit of background vocals. Sure, these men know the classics of masters like Muddy Waters and Sonnyboy Williamson, but they play the blues in their own style. They clearly understand rock & roll too, but this is left to be an ingredient only, in their special mixture of the blues. They play sober, honest and straight forward. This is a band that dates back to 1981, and has developed a loyal following. These fans follow the Ides of May to gigs far from their home. It is easy to see why; tough and rockin' blues like this are worth the effort.

Track Listing:
1. Don't Boogie on Me - 2:59   2. I Feel Ashamed - 4:07   3. When a Woman Gets Suspicious - 6:28   4. Let's Get Loose - 2:24   5. My Way - 2:15   6. Drivin' Around - 2:38   7. I Get the Blues so Bad - 3:12   8. Texas Feedback - 2:38   9. Dark Lonely Street - 3:40   10. Drinking and Thinking - 6:02   11. She's That Woman - 3:21   12. Don't Stand in My Way - 5:34   13. The First Time - 2:46   14. Stealin’ - 1:35

Maarten Emmen (guitar) , Peter Kosstede (bass) , Ap Daalmeijer (vocals) , Jeroen Mense (drums) , Robert Beukers(guitar) , Rob Maas (organ)

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