Harmonica Hinds – I Would Give You Anythinh If I Could


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Harmonica Hinds is besides Billy Boy Arnold, Billy Branch and James Cotton – one of the last harp players of the old tradition! 
He played on many record sessions in the last years – on the Mud Morganfield CD – and plays and sings also on the WOLF CD – From The Country To The City. He has a deep voice and a great harp style and plays 100% Originals! On the CD the best of Chicago Blues are sidemen: Eddie Taylor Jr., Kenny Smith and Edward G. Mc Daniel!

Track Listing:
1. Stop Complaining - 5:49   2. Wake the Spirit - 3:58   3. Anything If I Could - 4:43   4. Child of the Universe - 3:44   5. Take Your Time - 6:15   6. Don't You Steal My Money - 4:59   7. Can't Stay Here Forever - 3:59   8. Way Down South - 2:01   9. Imelda - 4:57   10. Cuddle Inn - 4:07   11. You're Looking Good - 4:10   12. Goin Down To The River - 6:02

Harmonica Hinds (vocals, harp, guitar, tambourine) , Eddie Taylor Jr. (guitar) , Tom Holland (guitar on 1,2,5-7,9,12) , Rick Kreher (guitar on 3,4,8,10,11) , Edward G. McDaniel (bass) , Kenny Smith (drums)

Reviews :

1. lahoradelblues.com - 2014.06.02
Harmónica Hinds es uno de los pocos armonicistas de color que siguen en activo, tocando con regularidad por el circuito de clubs de Chicago y girando ocasionalmente por Europa en compañía del guitarrista Dave Specter, que le trajo al viejo continente hace pocos años. Hinds es un cantante y un armonicista en la vieja tradición de Billy Boy Arnold, Snooky Pryor y Little Mac Simmons. En los últimos años Hinds ha soplado la armónica en varios discos de diferentes artistas, entre ellos las sesiones que Mud Morganfield realizó unos cuantos meses atrás. Ahora lo tenéis aquí de nuevo en estas grabaciones para la compañía austriaca Wolf Records, con una selección de canciones todas ellas escritas por el propio Mervyn Hinds (conocido como Harmonica Hinds). Cien por cien blues de Chicago, sin fisuras ni concesiones a otros estilos y con la garantía adicional de estar acompañado por Eddie Taylor Jr., Rick Kreher y Tom Holland guitarras, Edward G. McDaniels bajo y Kenny Smith batería. Un estupendo y genuino álbum para disfrutar y deleitarse con la autenticidad de este artista. MUY BUENO. 

Harmonica Hinds is one of the few black harmonica players still active. He regularly plays around Chicago clubs circuit and occasionally comes to Europe together with guitarist Dave Specter, who brought him to the old continent a few years ago. As singer and harmonica player, Hinds follows the old tradition of Billy Boy Arnold, Snooky Pryor and Little Mac Simmons. In recent years he has put his harmonica in multiple albums of different artists, like the sessions Mud Morganfield recorded a few months ago. Now he comes back with this new album he has done for Austrian label Wolf Records, which includes a selection of Mervyn Hinds (aka Harmonica Hinds) own compositions. One hundred per cent pure and strong Chicago blues, without concessions to other styles and the additional guarantee of gathering such outstanding backing musicians like Eddie Taylor Jr., Rick Kreher and Tom Holland on guitars, Edward G. McDaniels on bass and Kenny Smith on drums. Enjoy with this genuine album that brings us the music of a true Chicago bluesman. GREAT.

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