Deadeye Dick – Whirl

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Track Listing:
1. Blues King - 4:42 2. I Won't Be There Anymore - 4:23 3. Slave To Love - 3:58 4. Paralyze Me - 4:12 5. Downsville - 4:21 6. The Chance - 4:07 7. I Know Better - 3:57 8. Give It A Shot - 3:31 9. Doesn't Really Matter - 3:08 10.   She Goes On - 4:07 11. Second Story - 3:57 


1. AllMusic - Jason Damas
Deadeye Dick didn't waste any time in recording a follow-up to their debut, A Different Story; it was merely a year after the goofball single "New Age Girl" scaled the charts that the band's sophomore effort, Whirl, was released. Boasting a more mature set of lyrics, Whirl features two excellent opening tracks ("The Blues King," "I Won't Be There Anymore") but then becomes formulaic throughout the rest of the disc. The band seems to be trying too hard to recreate A Different Story, and to an extent, they succeed, but the songs suffer from forgettable song writing. At best, this album sounds like Cracker's Kerosene Hat with less of a country influence, but at its worst it sounds like faceless pop/rock.