Dynamic Blues Band – One More Kiss & One More Beer

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This CD presents allot of original material, and delivers it with a tasteful and pleasingly varied pallet. There seems to be a deliciously sinister undercurrent that simmers right below the surface. This has much to do with Chris Claeys singing and the carefully arranged songs. In fact, it's no real surprise that keyboardist Danny Focke went on to inspire a creepy metal band. That creepy feature really works well here as it powers along these blues. One has to admire the playing, that is so well done, yet not over-powering, and still so carefully considered. Koenraad Schaballie on guitar knows how to evoke an emotion with his six strings.

Track Listing:
1. I Will Change My Life - 4:10   2. Tequila Song - 3:58   3. Tonight - 3:37   4. Jump & Jive - 3:49   5. Trust Me Baby - 4:39   6. One More Kiss & One More Beer - 3:36   7. Bad Habits - 4:50   8. Mary - 3:14   9. Why didn't you this time - 8:02   10. Chair - 3:03   11. Don't You Wait Up For Me - 3:36   12. Long Tall Women - 3:03   13. Five Days A Week - 2:33

Chris Claeys (vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, harp) , Koenraad Schaballie (electric, slide & acoustic guitar) , M. Ross (drums, percussion, backing vocals) , Jannick Vansteelandt (bass, backing vocals) , Danny Focke (Hammond organ, accordion)