King Johnson – Hot Fish Laundry Mat

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Track Listing:
1. Personal Things - 5:00   2. Spirit - 4:30   3. Atlas - 3:17   4. Fine Line - 3:48   5. Mile After Mile - 4:12   6. Time Stands Still - 4:22   7. Adultcontemporaryrootsrockbluesjazzfunk - 4:18   8. One More Day - 3:05   9. Flow - 5:52   10. Goodbye - 1:48   11. When - 2:27   12. Stop and Start All Over Again - 6:22   13. Ornot - 3:25

Oliver Wood (guitar, vocals) , Chris Long (vocals, bass) , Greg Baba (drums, shekers) , Marcus James (saxophones, clarinet, flute, vocals) , Adam Mewerther (trombone) , Chris Uhler (percussion) , Jeff Smith (jaw harp)


1. AllMusic -Jesse Jarnow
Like the North Mississippi All-Stars, King Johnson is a new variety of Southern rock, fusing the traditionally blues-driven music with a coterie of jazzier influences -- notably New Orleans brass band. The band's seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of allows them a refreshing flexibility -- such as the sudden turn into brassy swing near the end of "Mile After Mile". When the group attempts less groove-driven, more pop-oriented material, such as The Band-like "Time Stands Still", they move into potentially more creative territory, though are still a step or two from achieving total originality. "Time Stands Still" features a sweetly alluring clarinet-driven arrangement, for example, but doesn't quite earn its keep otherwise. In general, their rhythms are neat and danceable -- which is to their credit as musicians, but makes the music a little less curious than it might be. Songs like the drumless "One More Day" present a band ready to create something new.