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Night Bird Blues is the next chapter in Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley’s wide ranging tribute to the Blues of the 1930’s and 40’s. Once again they have chosen to take an acoustic and original approach. Their horizons have expanded to not only include the “Bluebird” sound so lovingly captured on their widely acclaimed “MORNING SUN” CD, but also to pay tribute to and affectionately evoke some of the smoother Blues classics of that era. The songs are all original compositions; the singing and playing is top notch. The result is Night Bird Blues.

Track Listing:
1. It's a Brand New Day - 2:32   2. All the Rubies - 3:49   3. Judge and Jury Blues - 2:52   4. Look Around Now - 5:01   5. Over in a Hurry - 2:47   6. Confectionary Baby - 3:02   7. One Thing I Cannot Do - 3:30   8. Night Bird Blues - 3:04   9. Bumblebee's Blues - 3:15   10. The Loving You Bring - 3:25   11. Greedy Blues - 2:33   12. Sweet Dreams Baby - 3:37   13. The Heart of Summertime - 5:23

Diana Braithwaite (vocals) , Chris Whiteley (vocals, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, trumpet) , John Sheard (piano) , Victor Bateman (upright bass) , Drew Jurecka (drums) , John Adames (drums on 1,5)


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