Various – The Best Of Chicago Blues – Bea & Baby Records – Vol. 1


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Track Listing:
Homesick James: 1. My Baby Gone - 3:08   2. My Kind of Woman - 3:21   3. Homesick Sunnyland Special - 3:15   James Cotton: 4. One More Mile - 3:06   5. There Must Be a Panic - 1:48   Hound Dog Taylor: 6. My Baby's Coming Home - 2:42   7. Five ‘Take Five’ 2:09   Eddie Boyd: 8. Thank You Baby - 2:07   9. Blue Monday Blues - 2:34   10. The Blues Is Here to Stay - 2:46   11. I'm Commin’ Home - 2:38   12. All the Way - 3:03   13. Where You Belong - 2:47   Little Mack Simmons: 14. Don't Come Back - 2:22   15. Times Are Getting Toucher - 2:24   16. I'm Your Fool - 2:15   17. Let Out of Jail - 2:04   Earl Hooker: 18. Dynamite - 2:22   Bobby Saxton: 19. Trying to Make a Living - 2:47   L.C. McKinley: 20. Sharpest Man in Town - 2:25   Sunnyland Slim: 21. Too Late to Pray - 3:48   22. House Rock - 2:44   Andrew McMahon: 23. Special Agent - 2:51   Willie Williams: 24. 38 Woman - 3:36   25. Somebody Changed the Lock - 2:20


1. AllMusic - arwulf arwulf
For nearly 20 years beginning in 1959, Chicago businessman Narvel Eatmon (aka Cadillac Baby) presided over his Bea & Baby record label, by far the most enduring of his many investments, which included a nightclub, a record store, an appliance repair service, and a confectionary. Some seven years after his demise, Wolf Records released a 24-track sampler from the Bea & Baby catalog. The lineup is very impressive, and reflects the original label's profile pretty well. It includes guitarists Hound Dog Taylor, Homesick James Williamson, L.G. McKinley, Robert Jr. Lockwood, and Earl Zebedee Hooker; pianists Eddie Boyd and Sunnyland Slim; blues harpists James Cotton, Carey Bell, and Little Mack Simmons; singing drummer Willie Williams; and vocalists Bobby Saxton and Andrew McMahon. This compilation is very similar to The Best of Cadillac: Meat & Gravy, a Bea & Baby "best-of" released by Culture Press in 1998. Unfortunately, the two simultaneously issued collections have 16 tracks in common. In 2003, Castle Music compounded the confusion by releasing a double-disc Bea & Baby collection called Meat & Gravy. Public comprehension of Cadillac Baby's legacy was muddled even further when the misleadingly titled Cadillac Records, a film based upon the story of the Chess label, came out in 2008. By then the Bea & Baby catalog was being administered by the Earwig Music Company, Inc., and plans were afoot for more careful, comprehensive, and conscientious reissuing.

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