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Mary Custy & Eoin O’Neill

The Ways of the World

Track Listing: 1. Frosty Morning – 2:09   2. The Ways of the World – 2:42   3. Winnie Hayes…

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Mary Custy & Eoin O’Neill

With a Lot of Help from Their Friends

Track Listing:1. Reels: The New Mown Meadow – Dm Reel – 2:39   2. Jigs: Shandon Bells – Gan Ainm…

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Noreen Cullen & Adrian Burns

Bow Bridges

Track Listing:1. Liam’s Big Touch – 4:35   2. Jack Cullen’s Favourite – 2:53   3. The Midnight Oil –…

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Mick Hipkiss

Erin’s Lovely Lee

A delightful selection of well-known and not so well-known ballads, sung accappela by an all Ireland Ballad Singing Champion. Highly…

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Phil & June Colclough

Players For A Drama

Track Listing:1. Blood On The Sails – 2:39   2. Diglake Fields – 4:33   3. Lights Across The Bay…

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Jean-Pierre Rasle


Berry, Auvergne, Renaissance, Baroque Songs and Dances, bagpipes from France Track Listing:1. Gervaise – Percussion – 5:45   2. Les Trois…

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Sean Maguire


Irish ‘Master-Fiddler’ rips through a very lively selection where you can almost see those talented fingers fly. Aspiring fiddle players…

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Davy Steele


Track Listing: 1. We’re No Gonnae Leave Here – 4:12   2. Eyes of Child – 3.24   3. The Lea Rig…

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The Albion Band with Chris Baines

The Wild Side of Town

The great strength of Ashley Hutchings and the Albion Band has always been in marrying the voices of our largely rural…

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Spirit Of The West

Tripping Up The Stairs

Track Listing:1. An Honest Gamble: Jig – Tripping Up The Stairs – 4:32   2. Our Station – 3:34  …

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Ring Of Gold

Track Listing:1. An Gabhar Ban (The White Goat) – 3:35   2. Mrs. McDermott – 4:05   3. Rince Philib…

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Figgy Duff

After The Tempest

Track Listing:1. Honour, Riches (Song From The Tempest) – 3:21   2. Breakwater Boys Breakdown – 2:01   3. Heel And…

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Alan Stivell


Track Listing: 1. If I Was 1000 Years Old: 1.a. Tour an Arvor – The Tower Of Armor – 2:17…

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Catriona Macdonald / Ian Lowthina

Opus Blue

Melodic stuff on this, another, first album; this time from Catriona MacDonald. Track Listing: 1. Islay Rant / Farewell to…

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Simon Thoumire Three

Waltzes For Playboys

Another adventurous outing for Mr.Thoumire, his Concertina and some lightly jazz-minded friends. Interesting listening. Track Listing: 1. McCaskill’s Dance: Lucy McAskill…

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Brian Finnegan

When The Party’s Over

Brian Finnegan is a tin whistle and flute player from Armagh, Northern Ireland. He currently plays with Flook, founded the…

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