Damon Smith – Skeletons Skeletons Skeletons



‘Skeletons Skeletons Skeletons’, the stunning new offering from Melbourne’s Damon Smith, is mostly a piano centric, New Orleans style blues/jazz record - not without the usual hallmarks of this genre but stylistically speaking, in a world of guitar driven blues music, Smith and his Piano absolutely stand out in the crowd with his performances on the record, punctuated with expert musicianship and his razor sharp wit, creating a hugely dynamic sonic presence.

His virtuosic piano style and ‘whiskey as’ voice are complemented by guest performances from the likes of Wilbur Wilde & the horns from Melbourne’s Sugar foot Ramblers, Rock & Roll group, Sun Rising, Nashville session musician Ross Sermons, local legends, Ezra Lee, Ben Wicks, Ben Franz, Adrian Whyte, Sabrina McKenzie, Richard Giles and Harry OMara, with the bulk of the rhythm section performed by Smiths’ touring band members Adam Coad and Trent McKenzie. 

Track Listing:
1. A Feeling To Fly On (Lean On Me) – 2:24   2. Do You Know What I Mean? – 1:52   3. Wrapped Up And Obsolete (Learn To Walk Again) – 4:34   4. Mighty Are The Falling And Chosen Are The Weak – 2:38   5. Midlife Clarity Blues – 1:38   6. You've Got To Move On (Skeletons) – 2:30   7. All I Ever Wanted – 3:05   8. Here We Go Again (Hose Me Down) – 2:39   9. Led Me To A Goldmine – 5:05   10. Midlife Crisis Blues (Hose Me Down, Again) – 2:12   11. Here It Is Again (Finale) – 2:08