Willie Clancy – The Minstrel From Clare


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The musicians who have truly influenced Irish music in this century have not been many. Willie Clancy, piper, whistle-player and singer of Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, was indisputably one of them. He belonged to a strong tradition and left one after him.

Track Listing:
1. Langstern Pony – 1:38   2. The Templehouse And Over The Moor To Maggie – 2:42   3. Bruachna Carraige Baine – 2:22   4. Erin's Lovely Lea – 4:12   5. The Killavel Fancy And The Dogs Among The Bushes – 2:37   6. The Family Ointment – 2:10   7. The Dear Irish Boy – 3:25   8. Caoineadh An Spailpin – 5:00   9. The Pipe On The Hob – 2:26   10. The Gander – 2:29   11. The Legacy Jig – 2:26   12. The Flogging Reel – 1:55   13. The Song Of Riddles -3:39   14. Spailpin A Ruin – 3:02 

Willie Clancy (Uillean pipes, vocals, whistle)


1. AllMusic - John Storm Roberts
County Clare is a heartland of Irish musical tradition, and that tradition was handed down to master singer/piper/flutist Willie Clancy by his father. Ireland's leading piper at the time of this classic 1967 Topic recording, he also was a fine whistle player and sang songs ranging from the Fenian ballad "Erin's Lovely Lea" to a local comic song of unknown age.

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