Syncopace – Alistair Anderson- Ian Carr – Penny Callow – Martin Dunn – Chuck Fleming

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Track Listing:
1. Spootiskerry - The Trip To Windsor   2. Hedgehope Hill / A Wife Of My Own    3. East Winds / The Iron Bridge   4. Noble Squire Dacre / Go To Berwick Johnny   5. Joe Scurfield's Favourite / Cheviot Blast …6. Midnight On The Water   7. The Humours Of Spennymoor / Cul Aòdh Jig   8. The Shipley Set   9. The Quayside / Blaydon Flats   10. Windy Gyle

Alistair Anderson (English concertina, Northumbrian pipes) , Penny Callow (cello) , Ian Carr (guitar) , Martin Dunn (flute, whistle, piccolo) , Chuck Fleming (fiddle, mandolin)

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