Rosalie Sorrels – Borderline Heart

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Track Listing:
1. Going Away Party/Looking for Lew - 3:47   2. Hitchhiker in the Rain - 5:04   3. If I Could Be the Rain - 5:43   4. Borderline Heart - 4:03   5. Come and Be My Driver - 2:06   6. Snowing on Raton - 5:22   7. Tucson, One More Time - 3:09   8. La Bruja: Flower of Revolution - 3:49   9. Ragweed Ruth - 4:36   10. Gospel Snake - 3:30   11. Lonesome Georgia Brown - 4:12   12. Nevada Moon - 4:35   13. Sweet Loving Friendship - 4:13   14.   My Last Go Round - 5:21

Rosalie Sorrels (guitar, vocals) , Barbara Higbie (piano, violin, vocal harmony) , Laurie Lewis (fiddle) , Mayne Smith (dobro) , Nina Gerber (guitar) , Mitch Greenhill (bass, guitar) , Brent Rampone (drums) , Bruce Barthol (bass) , Dan Warrick (accordion) , Scott Breadman (percussion)


1. - by A Customer on March 26, 2003
This is a wonderful album. Time to re-issue it!
Some artists and works of art seem to come along at just the right time in your life. For me, the end of a relationship that never should have started left me homeless, with my head spinning and my heart shattered. "Borderline Heart" captures the essence of such an experience and the recovery from betrayal, from incredible loss and the sweet joy of getting on with one's life. The title cut is wise and knowing, written by a strong woman who's "been there". The cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Snowing On Raton" is breathtaking. "Hitchhiking in the Rain" never fails to bring tears to my eyes. If you see a copy of this CD used, buy it. Rosalie Sorrels is a magnificent, feisty treasure of a woman and one helluva songwriter! 

2. – by Alfred Johnson on December 21, 2008
The Queen Of The Western Trails
My first association of the name Rosalie Sorrels with folk music came, many years ago now, from hearing the recently departed folk singer/storyteller/ songwriter and unrepentant Wobblie (IWW) Utah Phillips mention his long time friendship with her going back before he became known as a folksinger. I also recall that combination of Sorrels and Phillips as he performed his classic "Starlight On The Rails" and she his also classic "If I Could Be The Rain" on a PBS documentary honoring the Café Lena' s in Saratoga, New York, a place that I am also very familiar with for many personal and musical reasons. Of note here: it should be remembered that Rosalie saved, literally, many of the compositions that Utah left helter-skelter around the country in his "bumming" days.
So what is good here? Well, Utah's "If I Could Be The Rain" and her own "My Last Go Round" to be sure. But the one that gets me every time is the cover of Towns Van Zandts's "Snowing On The Raton"