Grupo Mono Blanco – Soneros Jarochos

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Studio-opnamen uit 1989-90. Authentieke 'son'. 'Son' heeft geen vaste melodielijn en ook geen vooraf geschreven tekst maar de zangers, de 'soneros', improviseren er op los. 'La Bamba' is waarschijnlijk de bij ons meest bekende 'son'.

Grupo Mono Blanco's "Soneros Jarochos" is son Jarocho is at its best ‚ authentic musicians conversing in their vernacular language, exchanging musical ideas, rhythms and verses, with hearty rural drive and excellent musical taste. These four musicians, who represent different generations and deep family ties to the son, are unified by their passion for playing music for the sake of the music. This recording represents the gold standard for those interested to know the son Jarocho. In the late 1970's Grupo Mono Blanco was formed by a young Gilberto Gutierrez to revive the old style of playing. They began as a group but quickly developed into the musical core of a cultural movement that worked to revive the fandango by setting up workshops, and training a new generation of musicians. 
These recordings, made from 1989-1990 in El Cerrito, California, were made around the time of their landmark first tour to Northern California.

Track Listing:
1. El Buscapies (The Firecracker) - 7:35   2. El Colas (Nicholas) - 5:12   3. El Cascabel (The Rattle) - 6:10   4. El Balaju (The Ballyhoo) (Harp Solo) - 4:09   5. El Palomo y la Paloma (The Male & Female Dove) - 5:08   6. La Morena (The Dark Skinned Girl) - 5:40   7. La Bamba - 6:56   8. El Perro (The Dog) - 7:34   9. El Zapateado (The Clog Dance) - 4:42

Andres Alfonso Vergara (harp & voice) , Andres Vega Delfin (guitarra de son & voice) , Gilberto Gutierrez Silva (jarana tercera, pandero, zapateado & voice) , Patricio Hidalgo Belli (jarana segunda & voice) , Willie Ludwig (quijada).


1. AllMusic by Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr. 
While Grupo Mono Blanco's Soneros Jarochos will strike most listeners as traditional Mexican music recorded during an earlier era, it was in fact recorded in 1989-1990. Grupo Mono Blanco was formed in the late '70s by Gilberto Gutierrez Silva with the express purpose of reviving an older style of traditional music (known as "son Jarocho") that had grown stale from commercialization. The four-man band, Adres Alfonso Vergara, Andres Vega Delfin, Gilberto Gutierrez Silva, and Patricio Hildalgo Belli (with Willie Ludwig) combine traditional instruments (the harp, guitarra de son, jarana tercera) and voices for a rhythmically charged set of songs. As Eugene Rodriguez notes in the accompanying essay, to the outsider, a son like "El Zapateado," "El Palomo y la Palomo," and "La Morena" appears fairly simple, with an endlessly repeated riff serving as a backdrop for rising and falling vocals. On closer inspection, however, the talented performer of sons, a soneros, is capable of performing an endless variety of melodies within this structure, creating an intoxicating song with multiple layers. As with other Arhoolie recordings of this nature, Soneros Jarochos is authentic international music, and the quality of the recording and performances are excellent.

2. Rock & Rap Confidential by Lee Ballinger 

“Although the lineup is string harp and small, specialized acoustic guitars, this is heavy music made for all night dancing – the rhythmic drive is overwhelming and the vocals soar and dive like demented fighter planes.”