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In the Manding languages of West Africa, Balimaya means "kinship", "fraternity".This is the idea that I wanted to express in this CD — of family in the broad sense, of friendship, of solidarity — a “family” brought together around my percussion duo with Ibrahima Diabaté, mixing djembe, dundun and drums. Our collaboration started in 1994 in Bamako and continued in Paris. It enabled us to develop an “anything goes” way of combining playing styles, ranging from the formal structure of traditional ceremonies to the freest improvisation. This is a new direction, inspired by my way of playing jazz and improvising.The album Balimaya feeds on Mandenka dance rhythms. They are not reproduced in their original format but, all the same, they remain a source of inspiration to create a music where voices intertwine. Bass, saxophone, vibraphone and marimba join this family in compositions conceived like games, varying grooves, colours, dynamics, opening the way to improvisation ». Julien André

Track Listing:
1. Djala - 4:09   2. Ikko - 5:27   3. Kayira 2 - 6:34   4. Hamana - 5:38   5. Lamban - 4:08   6. Mae 3:32   7. L'enfant qui rit à l'envers - 5:26   8. Cortège - 3:14   9. Artefact - 4:20   10. Kayira 1 - 2:43

Julien André (compositions, arrangements, djembé, drums) , Ibrahima Diabaté (dundun, n’goni, tama) , Boris Blanchet (saxophones) , Vincent Limouzin (vibraphone, marimba) , Felipe Cabrera (bass)