Tim Grimm And The Family Band – A Stranger In This Time


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Track Listing:
1. These Rollin' Hills - 3:25   2. Gonna Be Great - 5:25   3. So Strong - 3:28   4. Thirteen Years - 4:44   5. Black Snake - 5:15   6. Finding Home - 4:21   7. Hard Road - 3:51   8. The Hungry Grass - 3:53   9. Darlin' Cory - 2:30   10. Over The Waves - 3:30   11. Over Hill And Dale - 2:01

Jackson Grimm (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, octave mandolin, vocals) , Tim Grimm (acoustic guitar, vocals) , Connor Grimm (bass) , Diederick Van Wassenaer (fiddle) , Hannah Linn (percussion) , Jan Lucas Grimm (vocals, harmonica)


1. Roots Music Report – Joe Ross
Today’s folksinger uses a similar approach that has worked for folksingers for generations. Capture a sense of place (“These Rolling Hills” and “Finding Home”). Create powerful images of people encountered along the way (“So Strong”). Tell stories from the heart (“Thirteen Years”). Provide a social-political protest vibe (“Black Snake”). The album's title is found among the evocative lyrics of "These Rollin' Hills" that is both nostalgic but foreboding. Grimm has released two earlier albums, and this one builds a fuller, more sumptuous and collaborative soundscape. Tim was supported in the writing and production of the songs by sons Jackson Grimm (guitars, banjo, octave mandolin, vocals) and Connor Grimm (bass), as well as his wife, Jan Lucas (harmonica, vocals). Tim pushes the boundaries of the folk tradition with drums and percussion by guest Hannah Linn. Guest fiddler Diederik van Wassanaer appears on two tracks. For a more traditional banjo and fiddle-driven sound and story of that wronged woman seeking revenge, check out “Darlin’ Cory.” If Cory lived today, she might do well to heed the advice and wisdom imparted in “Over the Waves.”