The Nashville Bluegrass Band – Unleashed

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Track Listing:
1. Tear My Stillhouse Down - 2:27   2. Dark Shadows Of Night - 3:09   3. Boll Weevil - 2:10   4. Last Time On The Road - 2:46   5. I Got A Date - 2:40   6. Blackbirds And Crows - 2:47   7. One More Dollar - 2:58   8. Doorstep Of Trouble - 2:11   9. You Wouldn't Know Love - 3:30   10. Dog Remembers Bacon - 2:19   11. Little White Washed Chimney - 2:22   12. Almost - 2:12   13. Last Month Of The Year - 3:01

Pat Enright (guitar, vocals) , Roland White (mandolin, vocals) , Alan O'Bryant (banjo, vocals) , Stuart Duncan (fiddle, background vocals) , Gene Libbea (bass, background vocals).

Recorded at Sound Emporium Recording Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.


1. AllMusic - Richard Meyer
The new CD from the all-star Nashville Bluegrass Band is a jaunty, highly musical collection of contemporary tunes with a few trads. thrown in for good measure. The bluegrass and light gospel singing is very agreeable, unforced and as always with this band, it seems completely natural. Too often this style of country singing is adopted but not lived in. Not the case here. This is a very strong album. Instrumentalists trade licks back and forth with casual authority. Some of the highlights are "I Got a Date," "Tear My Stillhouse Down" and "The Doorstep of Trouble."

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