Marti Jones – Live At Spirit Square

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Track Listing:
1. Intro - 0:30   2. Hiding The Boy - 3:25   3. Tourist Town - 2:43   4. Wind In The Trees - 3:39   5. I've Got Second Sight - 3:43   6. Read My Heart - 4:03   7. Any Kind Of Lie - 3:34   8. The Real One - 4:31   9. If I Can Love Somebody - 3:31   10. Follow You All Over The World - 4:20   11. Living Inside The Wind - 4:24   12. Second Choice - 3:41   13. Old Friend - 3:11   14. Is This The Game? - 3:24   15. Percussion Solo - 2:37   16. Just A Memory - 3:58   17. Twisted Vines - 4:36   18. Cliché - 3:09   19. Inside These Arms - 5:19

Marti Jones (guitar, vocals) , Don Dixon (bass, vocals) , Jimmy Hoover (guitar, vocals) , Jim Brock (percussion) , Tom Wilhelm (drums)


1. AllMusic - William Ruhlmann
Appearing more than five and a half years after it was recorded, Live at Spirit Square chronicles a Marti Jones performance from August 29, 1990, made during her promotional tour for her fourth studio album, Any Kind of Lie. Not surprisingly, eight of the 17 songs in the set come from that album, with five from its predecessor, Used Guitars, and two each from Match Game and Unsophisticated Time. That means the album is not the perfect live compilation of Jones' best material, with the missing including such first-album favorites as "(If I Could) Walk Away" and "Lonely Is (As Lonely Does)." But you can't complain too loudly when the featured material is of the caliber of "I've Got Second Sight" and "Follow You All Over the World" (not to mention covers of songs by John Hiatt, Elvis Costello, and Loudon Wainwright III). Jones leads a five-piece band that is of course anchored by her husband, producer, co-songwriter, and comic foil Don Dixon. That means the pop/folk/rock is accomplished and infectious, and that the onstage patter and interplay give the album an engagingly comfortable feeling. Play this album back to back with Dixon's live one, Chi-Town Budget Show, and it'll be a fun evening. 

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