Laura Minor – Salesman’s Girl

9,90 6,05

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Track Listing:
1. Loneliness - 4:04   2. American Girls - 3:38   3. Don't Come to Me - 4:43   4. Salesman's Girl - 4:45   5. Sink Back - 4:37   6. Tell the World (I Died for Love) - 3:49   7. Can't Keep Giving Away My Light - 3:01   8. Poor Sinner - 3:42   9. As Close to Sacred - 3:29   10. If I Never Love - 3:49   11. Rust of the Carolinas - 4:35

Laura Minor (vocals) , Aaron Carr (guitars, piano on 3,8, Ebow, vocals) , Jared Flamm (acoustic guitar, vocals) , Jeff Lataille (drums) , Devin Moore (bass guitar, vocals) , Craig Harmon (organ, piano) , David Lowery (vocals on 6,7) , Miguel Urbiztondo (percussion) , Alan Weatherhead (pedal steel)


1. AllMusic by Robert L. Doerschuk
On her debut album, Minor presents herself as first among equals; in the musician credits, she buries her name amidst those of her band, who also share songwriting credits. The music itself has an egalitarian flavor, too; in the crisp guitar rhythms, cracking backbeat, and overall exuberance of the instrumental tracks, it's easy to detect the kind of energy and unity that can come only from club performances. Yet Minor is, of course, the centerpiece; in that role she displays an agreeable but not outstanding delivery on the mike and a competent writing technique, at least within the band's collaborative method. Beyond evidence that they can crank out a lively show onstage, Salesman's Girl offers no real hint of artistic originality or exceptional promise.