Sonny Simmons Trio – Live In Paris – 2CD


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"Paris was personally a great experience for me. It was a mind blower! Absolument! J'aime Paris (I love Paris) because the people accept the music with sincerity and warmth. I've always tried to play music in a sincere manner with love, beauty, and truth, even though it takes on many different forms of creativity. I hope the music I make will affect people in positive, spiritual ways and provide enjoyment or some type of direction that inspires them to pursue their artistic endeavors."

Track Listing:

1. Cosmic Ship - 14:00   2. Purple Kiss - 7:00   3. My Favorite Things - 5:35   4. Ancient Egypt - 4:00   5. New Bird Blues - 5:40   6. Reverent Church - 8:50   7. Hot House - 9:45

CD 2
1. Lady L - 7:25   2. Salt Peanuts - 5:00   3. Ghost From The Golden Era - 19:20   4. Voodoo Hoodoo Funk - 5:00   5. 'Round Midnight - 5:40   6. Hip Hop Le Funk - 6:45


“With this double album Arhoolie seems to be getting into the serious jazz scene. Keeping that in mind, this one is not for the casual fan. This is some hard-core stuff. The trio is sax, bass, and drums and is reminiscent of the trio work of Sonny Rollins. In fact, one is constantly reminded of Rollins' Village Vanguard recordings. Simmons is a monster on the tenor sax, blowing explosive phrases at lightning speed. He tips his hat to John Coltrane by doing "My Favorite Things." Not only does he do a great rendition of Tadd Dameron's "Hot House," but Sonny knocks off a heart-felt version of "Round Midnight." My one complaint is the lack of in-depth liner notes. Other than that, Arhoolie has definitely got something good going here.”

(Lars Gandil — Victory Music Review)