Rosco Gordon – Rosco Rocks Again – featuring Wayne Bennett

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Track Listing:
1. The Chicken - 4:32   2. Hello Baby - 6:22   3. Kansas City - 3:20   4. I Don't Wanna Die - 6:58   5. I Got So Many Women - 5:37   6. Darling I Really Love You - 7:09   7. Shooby Ooby - 4:43   8. Cheese & Crackers - 3:42   9. I'm the One - 6:46   10. Sit Right There - 5:21

On tracks 1-7: Rosco Gordon (piano, vocals) , Wayne Bennett (guitar) , Nick Simper (bass) , Carlo Little (drums) , Ray Ellison (MC, second vocals on 7)
On tracks 8-10: Rosco Gordon (piano, vocals) , Otis Grand (guitar) , Dan Quinton (bass) , Alan Premier (drums) , Mick Weaver (Hammond B3) , Peter Beck (tenor sax) , Lorenzo Parry (trumpet)


1. AllMusic - Thom Jurek
This late-period Rosco Gordon set was recorded live at the 100 Club in London in 1982, just after the ska revival -- that coincided with punk and post-punk -- had died down. No matter, it sounds like the joint was packed, and more than 30 years after "No More Doggin," (the single that provided the shuffle rhythm with an accent on the offbeat that became the original ska rhythm and mutated into reggae), Gordon was still going strong. There are eight cuts on this set played impeccably -- and whether they are blues or R&B tunes, that shuffle -- known popularly as the "Rosco Shuffle" -- is present everywhere. Gordon wrote six of these eight tracks, but his cover of "Kansas City" is one of the best on record. While the sound quality is not pristine, it's more than adequate, and the crackling live energy of the set is captured perfectly. This is a wonderfully raw and immediate performance that JSP has issued and it should be sought out by fans and collectors.