The British Invasion All Stars – Regression


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Track Listing:
1. Train Kept A Rollin' -   2. My Generation -   3. Route 66 -   4. House Of The Rising Sun -   5. Let It Rock -   6. Tobacco Road -   7. Nadine -   8. Summertime Blues -   9. Sweet Little Rock & Roller -   10. Hang On Sloopy

Jim McCarty (drums, vocals) , Eddie Phillips (guitar, vocals) , Ray Phillips (vocals) , Don Craine (rhythm guitar, vocals) , Keith Grant (bass, vocals)

Artist Biography by Alex Henderson
The British Invasion All-Stars are a 21st century band with a '60s sound, which isn't surprising because all of its members are veteran rockers who belonged to various '60s bands (some more prominent than others). In rock circles, the term British Invasion is used to describe the wave of British rock bands that made its presence felt in the '60s. Rock was born in the United States, but when the Beatles and many other British acts hit big in the '60s, it was clear that England had become a major player in the rock & roll field.
Formed in 2001, the British Invasion All-Stars boasts former-Yardbird Jim McCarty on drums and lead vocals, ex-Procol Harum member Matthew Fisher on electric Hammond organ, and Eddie Phillips (formerly of the Creation) on lead guitar. The three other members are Ray Phillips, of the Nashville Teens fame, on lead vocals, and two ex-members of the Downliners Sect: rhythm guitarist Don Craine and bassist Keith Grand (who contributes background vocals and shares the lead vocals with Phillips and McCarty). The British Invasion All-Stars' self-titled debut album, which was released on the independent Mooreland Street label in 2002, shows no awareness of the alternative rock sounds of the early 2000s; the band is totally unaffected by any of the punk, new wave, post-punk, pop-metal, or alternative rock that came after the '60s. From covers of well-known songs by the Yardbirds ("Shapes of Things") and the Who ("Shakin' All Over"), to new material, everything on the British Invasion All-Stars' first album is unapologetically '60s-minded. The CD boasts several guest musicians who have strong '60s credentials, including bassist Noel Redding (who was one-third of the Jimi Hendrix Experience) and two ex-members of the Pretty Things: Dick Taylor and Phil May. 

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