Beuk – Hel van de Planeet – CD single


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'Hel van de Planeet' is the first single of BEUK for Parsifal Records. The story is about life in the trenches of World War 1 and pointless wars even still today.

‘Hel van de Planeet’ (‘Hell of the Planet’) is the first glimpse of exciting new stuff BEUK recorded with producer Ace Zec (King Hiss, Diablo Blvd, Spoil Engine).

Hard rock & roll trio BEUK have a lot of songs about beer, bicycle racing, pretty girls and funny mental disorders. They released two self-managed albums – ‘BEUK Live’ (2015) and ‘Strak Plan’ (2017) – before being signed by Parsifal Records in 2018.

Singing in their Flemish mother tongue, BEUK became a popular act in Belgium with more than 150 shows in just four years’ time. Additionally the band gained an English following by repeatedly touring London and South England. UK TBFM - Hard Rock Hell Radio nominated BEUK for 'Best International Band' in 2017. BEUK supported legends Phil Campbell (Motörhead), Dog Eat Dog, The Godfathers, Ostrogoth...

Get ready for more pedal to the metal rock & roll soon !!!

Track Listing:
1. Hel van de Planeet - 3:37

Roel Jacobus (bass, vocals) , Meyke Demey (guitar) , Laurent De Moor (drums) , Ines Defurne (backing vocals)