The New Birth – Golden Classics

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Track Listing:
1. Wildflower (Full Version) - 6:25   2. Do It Again - 4:40   3. It’s Impossible - 3:32   4. Got To Get A Knutt - 7:32   5. I Wash My Hands Of The Whole Damn Deal - 6:01   6. Keep On Doin' It - 4:16   7. It's Been A Long Time (Full Version) - 5:51   8. You Are What I'm All About - 3:53   9. I Can Understand It - 6:21   10. One Way Bus - 2:42   11. Comin' From All Ends - 8:06   12. Until It's Time For You To Go - 5:36


1. All Music - Calvin B. Miles
I can't believe their is only one other review on this disc. Talk about missing out on some good ole soul music. I don't know what Dan Hellman was thinking when he said this contained some minor hits. Minor hits my behind. They are called golden classics for a reason. Songs like "WILD fLOWER" which is one of the smoothest ballads of that era right along with "Until it's time For You to Go", these songs are hard as heck to beat. Right up there with those is "It's Been a Long Time". Minor hits? Then there is"Keep on doin it" that had everyone dancing back in the day.I haven't even gotten to the rest of the up tempo jams. I'll put it to ya this way folks, listen to "I can understabd it" and tell me how these were minor hits.That song sounds like Bobby Womack was lending his vocal talents to that groove. Minor, sheesh what do you want Motown? No offense Motown but this is smouldering soul at it's best. Funk ballads mixed with some crazy uptempo jams. Don't know much about soul music, you will after this, and maybe just maybe. you'll learn what R&B really means. Amg ratings are crazy. I tell ya.