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Mister John was born as John Makin in Warrington UK. After training in Liverpool as a Quantity Surveyor he moved to London and then Brussels in 1972.
He very quickly got involved in the expat music scene playing folk/blues, and his first original songs were recorded on the album "Urban Romance" in 1976. There then followed a live album "Live at the Planet" with more original songs in 1985.
He played both solo and with various bands from then on, with the occasional tour in UK and Germany on the folk circuit, teaming up with German cult folk band Gurnemanz and folk legends Martin Winsor and Jeannie Steel.
A founder member of independent label OK Records, his first single "Anglais Franglais" was released by Polygram in 1980.
The next surprise came when a simple song designed to improve the mood of some despondent Belgian friends became an unexpected hit..."Potverdekke! It's Great To Be A Belgian"!"
Since then, together with ace clarinettist Doctor Rob, Mister John and his own distinctive brand of anti-depressive good-time music have been ever present on the international music scene in Brussels.
Mister John aka John Makin, born February 13, 1950, died on October 23, 2011.

Track Listing:
1. Mama Mia – 3:18   2. Dyin' For A Smoke – 3:47   3. Money – 4:03   4. The Irish Song – 4:18   5. Who Do You Think You Are – 3:52   6. El Latino – 3:48   7. Talking With The Blind Man – 4:17   8. Personal Ad – 3:40   9. Laurel And Hardy – 2:02   10. You're Only As Old As You Feel – 4:01   11. The People Next Door – 3:13   12. Depend On Me – 3:23   13. Big Jack Boogie – 3:53   14. Anglais Franglais – 3:05   15. Potverdekke! It's Great To Be A Belgian - 4:01

Al Smith (accordion, harmonica) , Anne Robertson (vocals) , Dominique Soors (drums) , Jean Yovanofski (keyboards, vocals) , Laura Hoffman (vocals) , Mister John (vocals) , Philippe Van Oost (trumpet) , Rob Swordy (clarinet) , Vassily Moltchanov (bassguitar)