Indra – Ringbang For Kids

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Ringbang is variously a Caribbean fusion of music genres, a philosophy, and an aesthetic[1] propounded by Eddy Grant in 1994.
In an interview ca. 2000, Grant defined ringbang thus: “Ringbang is the thing that makes the soul quiet. That in a musical concept is rhythm. A child is given ringbang when a mother rocks it in her arms. Ringbang allowed the slaves to communicate. Ringbang is a bridge that allows us to stop being insular; it is a concept predicated on our being able to communicate with one another”.
In applying ringbang to music, Grant attempted to define a meta-style purported to encompass all Caribbean rhythms such as to create a musical lingua franca. He wished this multicultural style to place no restrictions on instrumentation, and he said that he wanted no single country or culture to lay claim to it.
Among ringbang's stylistic influences are calypso, reggae, soca, tuk, and zouk.
Grant reports that the word ringbang comes from vocalists scat singing "Ringa-ringa-ringbang!", and that he chose the word one day in 1993, while standing in recording engineer Frank Agarrat's backyard in Trinidad. - Wikipedia

Track Listing:
1. Fiesta Caribe - 4:03   2. Chickie-Bye - 3:33   3. Live the Ringbang Dream - 3:26   4. Take Time to Give Love - 3:44   5. Walking on Sunshine - 3:46   6. We A'de Ringbang Kids - 4:02   7. Rhymin' Ringbang - 2:44   8. Chock-Chock! - 4:05   9. Here We Come Again - 3:20   10. Kids from Africa - 3:47   11. Live the Ringbang Dream - 4:47