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Track Listing:
1. Good Woman Go Bad - Grana' Louise - 5:25   2. Somebody Done Told Me - Grana' Louise - 4:28   3. Paycheck in My Pocket - Shirley Johnson - 4:14   4. Prisoner of Love - Shirley Johnson - 4:50   5. Gonna Have a Murder on Your Hands - Big Time Sarah - 3:55   6. Love Forever - Big Time Sarah - 3:11   7. Daughter of a Son of a Gun - Zora Young - 2:46   8. One Eyed Man - Gloria Shannon - 3:41   9. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home - Gloria Shannon - 4:08   10. Pride and Joy - Maggie Burrell - 3:36   11. I Wonder Why - Mary Lane - 4:19   12. Coming Home - Mary Lane - 3:32   13. Today I Sing the Blues - Pat Scott - 4:12   14. Let's Do It Again - Pat Scott - 4:47


1. AllMusic - Scott Yanow
This consistently enjoyable release serves as a sampler of some of the top female blues singers active at the time in Chicago. There are two songs apiece from Grana Louise, Shirley Johnson, Big Time Sarah, Gloria Shannon, Mary Lane, and Pat Scott, and one song from Zora Young and Maggie Burrell. Backed by a four-piece rhythm section, occasional horns and (on two songs) voices, each of the vocalists sounds quite inspired. Among the high points are such songs as "Good Woman Go Bad," "Gonna Have a Murder on Your Hands," "One Eyed Man," and "Today I Sing the Blues." This CD serves as proof that Chicago is still the blues capital, and will lead listeners to search for other recordings by these talented singers.

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