The Moonhawks – Heartfull Of Blues

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The Moonhawks produce blues that are pretty easy on the ears (only an occasional, emotional screech) and, for the most part, in a rockin' vein. They also get points for having a Betty Page figurine on the cover! Anyway...the instruments include guitar, slide, harmonica, bass and drums, and the band really comes together while giving us some great solos too. It is evident that these guys have been playing together for a long time. This set does not come across as overdone, yet there is a lot of energy and a lot to be impressed by on this album. You even get a drum solo for the price of admission. This CD is a nice retrospective and rocks like most Tramp stuff does.

Track Listing:
1. I Have Enough -   2. Hell Radio -   3. She I A Dealer -   4. Willy’s Shuffle -   5. Bad Feeling -   6. The Desert -   7. The Boogie -   8. Please Set A Date -   9. Groovin’ -   10. Train Boogie -   11. Don’t Worry Baby -   12. Encore -   13. Born Under a Bad Sign -

Herman Markowicz (vocals , slide guitar, harmonica) , Ruud Graper (bass) , Patrick Markowicz (guitar) , Marcel van Weerdenburg (drums)