The Billy Gibson Band

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Clinton, Mississippi, native Billy Gibson first picked up the harmonica at a very young age. "It was cheap and I could easily make sounds with it." Gibson's CD, The Billy Gibson Band, represents the unique chemistry of his Beale Street Band. Although his harp playing is no less than ferocious, every guitar lick, every drum fill, and every organ nuance is in perfect balance. As Bill Ellis of The Commercial Appeal puts it in the thoughtful liner notes: "Gibson's got it good and he knows it. No wonder he sounds so liberated here, a man in mesmerizing top form". It's refreshing to hear an artist who is technically accomplished, tasteful, and willing to explore the crossroads where blues and jazz meet.

Track Listing:
1. Down Home - 3:16   2. Keep Doin' What'ya Doin' - 5:01   3. Home At Last (a.k.a. Country Girl) - 6:04   4. What Is Love? - 2:51   5. Darlin' Please Come Home - 4:26   6. Stingin' Stang - 3:14   7. Love Everybody - 5:25   8. One More Time - 4:43   9. Tell It Like It Is - 2:56

Billy Gibson (vocals) , David Bowen (guitar) , Charlie Wood (piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, organ, clavinet) , Charles Cambell (saxophone) , James Jackson (bass) , Cedric Keel (drums)