Reverend Scottie Williams, Sr – Beams Of Heaven: Gospel Hymns & Songs


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He sings with strong conviction. He has a rich, deep voice, and he sings the psalms clearly and articulately. When he emphasizes his message or when the spirit moves him, he moans with despair, sometimes with hope, and always with great musical effect.

On this recording, Elsa was truly inspired by the reverend's singing, and she played with great energy which further spurred on the reverend. Richard played the Hammond during the recording, and, afterwards, he added bass on all tracks without a second take. His musical genius is knowing what to play to enhance and improve the vocalist's phrasing, just like he's done throughout his career for Inez Andrews, his mom, and Aretha Franklin. Kenard Pulliam is an excellent drummer who kept the band in sync.

Track Listing:
1. When the Gates Swing Open - 4:08   2. I Am Redeemed - 6:36   3. Hold To God's Unchanging Hand - 3:40   4. Your Mother Loves Her Children - 5:53   5. Trouble In My Way - 3:46   6. The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow - 3:40   7. He Will Remember Me - 3:56   8. In the Garden - 4:13   9. Beams of Heaven - 6:37   10. Pass Me Not - 4:01   11. He Knows Just How Much We Can Bear - 6:22

Reverend Scottie Williams (vocals) , Elsa Harris (piano, background alto vocals 2,3,5,6,9) , Richard Gibbs (bass, organ) , Kenard Pulliam (drums) , Felicia Coleman-Evans (background soprano vocals 2,3,5,6,9) , Armiris Collins (background contralto vocals 2,3,5,6,9)


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As was mentioned in the previous review, besides blues, boogie woogie, jazz and gospel piano players, Chicago record label The Sirens Records also specializes in gospel piano, organ players and singers. This time they present a new album of gospel songs and hymns by Reverend Scottie Williams Sr, an impressive singer who, thus time, is backed by Elsa Harris on piano and vocals, Richard Gibbs on bass and organ, Kenard Pulliam on drums and the backing vocals of Felicia Coleman-Evans and Armirris Collins.
Scottie was born in Greenwood, Mississippi on March 22, 1967 and, aged six, he was baptized by his father at Calvary Baptist Church in Yazoo, Mississippi. It was at that congregation that Scottie began singing in the choir and soon as a soloist. Following his father’s footsteps, he soon followed his same call and became “a Man on a Mission with a Message from the Master”.
Now Reverend Scottie Williams Sr. serves as pastor at the historic Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in the Austin area of Chicago, Illinois, where Elsa Harris also plays the piano every Sunday.
The recording will let you see the incredible chemistry rapport between both musicians and the rest of the band who perform in the album, as well as realize the feeling they put into each one of the eleven hymns that perfectly show the faith, love, compassion and passion they live to spread their religious conviction to all listeners.
An album to immerse yourself in the roots of gospel and let be carried away with no prejudices to the spirituality this style communicates in every song.

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