Illbatta Boogie Band

12,10 6,05

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Illbatta Boogie Band was founded in 1985 and quickly became famous as a heavy and skilled blues band. This group recorded their self titled CD and it was released by Clas "Sky High" Yngström, Sweden's most highly regarded blues guitarist. Over the years, many miles of touring has worn their tires, which proves not only how resilient these guys are, but how well appreciated they are too. This is a very rare disc - some actually believe that the band never put one out. Not for the faint of heart!

Track Listing:
1. Summertime – 3:20   2. The Blues Is Here To Stay – 1:42     3. Back In The Alley – 3:50   4. Winterboogie – 3:14   5. Don’t Give It Up – 3:36

Anders Eklund (guitar, harmonica, vocals) , Arne Bengtsson (bass) , Mats Dahlberg (guitar) , Hans Eklund (drums)