R.L. Burnside & The Sound Machine – Raw Electric 1979 – 1980


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This CD collects a series of recordings, most never before issued, which capture R.L. with his family band. Most of the cuts were recorded in the Burnside living room, which often doubled as a neighborhood juke joint for the folks around Independence, Mississippi. This is raw, unadulterated blues, and the closest that most of us will ever come to a Mississippi house party. The songs here were done with the audience in mind, including covers of some of the standard blues and soul songs of the day. Sound quality is better than it really should be and the crowd noises are unobtrusive, in fact often adding the right touch at just the right time. Great stuff!

Track Listing:
1. My Woman Done Left Me - 1:48   2. You Don't Love Me - 2:30   3. Dust My Broom - 4:57   4. Pretty Woman - 3:19   5. Last Night (I Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had) - 3:57   6. Slippin' And Slidin' - 2:44   7. Going Down South - 3:18   8. Rolling And Tumbling - 5:23   9. How Many More Years - 2:23   10. Well, Well, Well - 3:15   11. Leave Me And My Woman Alone (Friend Of Mine) - 3:19   12. My Baby Caught The Train (Who's Been Talkin') - 1:53   13. Scrambling For My Shoes (Walking Blues) - 3:37   14. Sitting On Top Of The World - 2:26   15. Searching For My Baby - 3:35   16. Going Away, Baby - 4:24   17. Jumper Hanging Out On The Line - 3:47

R.L. Burnside (vocals, guitar on 3-9,13,14,16,17) , Robert Avant (guitar & vocals on 8) , Daniel Burnside (guitar on 1-3,6,10,12-15) , Joseph Burnside (guitar on 1-6,10,12,15) , Calvin Jackson (drums on 1-8,10-12,14-17) , Duwayne Burnside (drums on 13)

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