Kenny Neal – Let Life Flow

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Kenny Neal, the modern swamp-blues master, is just back with his first album since 2005.

For the past few years, health problems forced Kenny away from the studio and touring, and Let Life Flow finds him returning with a renewed vigor and outlook on life. Scott Cable, who has recently found critical acclaim for his work on Nappy Brown’s Long Time Coming, co-produced the album along with Neal and his son, Kenny, Junior. Recorded in West Columbia, SC, Kenny’s new album reflects his optimistic sense of perseverance, set to the soulful, deep grooves that have garnered him a solid fan base over the past 20 years.

Commenting on his return to recording and performing, Kenny said: “With all the tragedy and darkness I’ve been through in the past three years, I’m finally seeing the light. My new CD, « Let Life Flow », is coming straight from my heart. Hope everyone enjoys it.”

Track Listing:
1. Let Life Flow 4:36   2. Blues, Leave Me Alone 5:01   3. You've Got To Hurt Before You Heal 5:12   4. Louisiana Stew 4:21   5. Starlight Diamond 3:14   6. Another Man's Cologne 4:48   7. Broken Dreams 4:49   8. Bleeding Heart 4:02   9. Since I Met You Baby 4:53   10. Fly Away 4:36   11. It Don't Make Sense You Can't Make Peace 4:15

Kenny Neal (guitar, bass, vocals, harmonica) , Kenny Neal Jr. (keys on 10, bass on 3, percussion) , Darnell Neal (bass on 1,2,4,6) , Frederick Neal (keys on 2,4,6) , Bryan Morris (drums) , Lucky Peterson (piano & organ on 3,8,9) , Leroy Harper (saxophone on 1-4,6,7) , Joe Campbell (trumpet 1-4,5,7) , "AG" Alphonso Guillory (saxophone on 3) , Bonny Fields (trumpet on 8) , Nadège (saxophone on 8) , Pierre Chabrele (trombone on 8) , Jimmy Adams (piano on 1) , Robin Rogers (background vocals on 11) , Shelly Magee (background vocals on 11)

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